Everyday Ayurveda - A practical Guide to Healthy Living

We hope you will enjoy reading our Ayurveda book and will find the information useful in your search for perfect health and happiness. Below is a list of the chapter headings to give you an idea of the content of this book.

Body-type questionnaire
Vata, Pitta & Kapha diets
Recommendations for losing weight
Improving digestion & maintaining health
Daily routines, exercise & yoga
The ideal daily routine
Meditation & Pranayama
Yoga postures, Sun Salute & Yoga Nidra 
Ayurveda detox programs
Panchakarma Stage 1 – Shamana & purvakarma 
Panchakarma Stage 2 – Virechana
Panchakarma Stage 3 – Samsarjana krama
Panchakarma Stage 4 – Basti
Panchakarma Stage 5 – Rasayana
Panchakarma Stage 6 – Post treatment
Panchakarma detox – Foods to favour/avoid
Panchakarma  detox – Ayurvedic therapies
Dhatus (tissues) in detail
Other Detox options – The Mini Detox
Other Detox options – The Dhal Detox
Other Detox options – The Lemon Detox
Ayurvedic herbs & oils
Herbal formulas for common ailments
Guide to using aromatic oils
Skin brushing, tongue cleansing & neti pot
Eye exercises
Balancing the female cycle
How to keep joints healthy
How to cope with allergies
Balancing the mind & emotions
Mantras & healing sounds
Ayurvedic Recipes