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Ayurveda & Panchakarma Detox Retreat

Specialising in four-hands Ayurvedic massage
in a cosy, peaceful retreat all to yourself!

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Discover the wisdom of Ayurveda – the worlds most ancient and natural health-care tradition for maintaining health and vitality. Experience profound inner peace and discover a wealth of practical knowledge for healthy, stress-free living.

Ancient secrets of relaxation, rejuvenation & revitalistaion
On an Ayurveda & yoga detox retreat you’ll experience blissfully relaxing Ayurveda massages that will gently purify your mind and body. As you’ll be our only guest, you’re guaranteed our undivided personal care and attention at all times.

Reduce stress, calm the mind & cleanse the body
During an Ayurveda & Panchakarma Detox Retreat you’ll have the opportunity to learn Vedic Meditation and practice simple Yoga postures that will help you relax your mind, promote flexibility, reduce tiredness, increase energy and improve digestion.

Lose weight naturally on an Ayurveda UK Detox Retreat
Once the mind is balanced, the body is purified and the colon is cleansed, excess weight naturally drops off – the average weight loss on a ten-day weight loss program is seven percent of body weight. Success relies on following a balanced, wholesome diet and deep toning massages with weight reducing herbs and oils.

Reverse the effects of aging – the natural beauty therapy
A scientific study conducted at an Ayurvedic therapy centre in the USA has shown that an Ayurvedic panchakarma detox and stress management program can reduce biological aging by as much as five years in just seven days. Your muscles will relax, soften and become toned, your eyes will begin to shine with vitality, wrinkles will begin to disappear and your skin will radiate health and beauty.

Location & Retreat Prices
The Ayurveda Detox Retreat is situated in the peaceful, historic village of Tutbury in Staffordshire. The retreat is exclusively one guest only which allows us to invite twenty clients each year. Retreats are from five to fourteen days duration and cost £480 – £680 per day. Please contact us for current availability or to be kept informed of last minute cancellations.

Our invitation

Danny and Carol Danny & Carol, the founders of The Ayurveda Detox Retreat, invite you to join them for a week of rest and relaxation – experience the pure indulgence of four-handed massage and take the first steps to better health and more energy.
Ring us for more information or download our Ayurveda UK Detox Retreat brochure – it may change your life forever. Ayurvedic Retreat (Staffordshire) brochure