Reduce stress, lose weight and feel great

Come and spend some time with Danny & Carol at our Ayurvedic Detox, Weight loss & Stress Management Retreat to escape from the hustle & bustle of daily life and leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and rejuvenated, and several kilos lighter. Here are some of the reasons why most of our clients choose to return every year:

  • It’s a private Ayurvedic retreat where you have the luxury of being the only guest.
  • You have our undivided care and attention throughout the day.
  • It’s truly personalised and structured to your needs and goals.
  • Our unique mind and body approach help resolve all your physical, mental and emotional issues.
  • You receive blissfully relaxing, four-handed synchronised massages lasting up to three hours.
  • You can benefit from one-to-one yoga and meditation sessions. 
  • We guarantee on-going post-retreat support to help maintain the transformation you've achieved.
  • We have over twenty-five years experience in the field of Ayurveda and personal development.

So Who are we?

We’re Danny Cavanagh and Carol Willis and we’ll be your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellors and Massage Therapists during your stay at our Ayurvedic Retreat in Tutbury, Staffordshire.  We’ve over twenty-five years experience, and a diverse client base, including members of the Royal Family, so you'll be in the very best hands. Our skills are much in demand and, whilst our primary retreat is in Tutbury, we also regularly travel to Europe and the US to administer our powerful Ayurveda Detox, Weight Loss & Stress Management Programmes. 

Since 2010 we have been in a very successful collaborative partnership with Tomaz Mueller and Dr. Vijay Murthy at Ayuwave. This has allowed us to offer Ayurvedic consultations and pre/post Panchakarma programmes for our London-based clients. Please see the link in the footer of this page entitled 'Consultations' for further information.

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Whether you choose our One Day Wonder, our five-day Rejuvenation Retreat or our ten-day Panchakarma Retreat - you'll find the path to perfect health and happiness and return home a few kilos lighter (if you want to be), with a calm mind, a bounce in your step and joy in your heart. 

We invite you to take the first steps to becoming the person you really want to be by talking with Danny or Carol on 01283 815 669 about the perfect personalised treatment programme for you.

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“My first Abhyanga was sheer ecstasy…four hands, synchronised to perfection, kneading my skin with specially blended oils. I have never had such a complete relaxation experience. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I was given Shirodhara, which, trust me, will get you as near to nirvana as you will ever manage while still breathing. Aah! The simplest of pleasures after the greatest indulgence. So what I would say to you all is this: if ever there is a time to get away, go. Educate your mind, revive your body and renew your spirit. Ayurveda UK isn’t a fancy, plush spa – it’s the real deal, a life-changing experience”.
— Normandie Keith, YOU magazine (Sunday Mail)