Dr. Vijay Murthy is a highly experienced Ayurvedic Doctor and Naturopath who is dedicating to helping his clients attain their best possible health. His vast clinical and research experience, together with his in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, allow him to help prevent and manage a wide range of chronic ailments.

Weight loss, sleep disorders, skin conditions, stress management and endocrine problems are just a few of the areas he specialises in.

He also assists patients in transiting smoothly through their reproductive cycle, menopause and andropause through Ayurvedic dietary advice, nutritional analysis, life-style adaptions, herbal medicine, detoxification procedures and rejuvenation techniques.

Since qualifying in Ayurvedic medicine at Bangalore University in 1994 he has worked in hospitals and private practice in India, New Zealand and the UK.

Dr. Vijay is also the host of the UK Health Radio Show: Unlock your Health. 

Tomaz Mueller is an internationally renowned health educator, energy healer and Ayurvedic practitioner specialising in Mind-Body Medicine. He is the founding director of AYUWAVE, a UK-based clinic for promoting perfect health and well-being. He is also the author of 'the Natural Health Matrix - Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds'.

In his clinical practice he combines the eastern wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest advances in Quantum Medicine to provide a unique and highly effective health-care programme suited to the modern era.

Since 1988, when he first studied Ayurveda at the Vedic University in Holland, Tomaz has become a leading exponent in the field of Panchakarma, an ancient Indian healing modality for re-balancing, revitalising and rejuvenating the mind and body. Through these highly effective and deeply integrating therapies he is able to help clients regain perfect health and overcome many serious chronic illnesses. 

In his London-based practice he offers clients the gift of renewed health and vitality through finely-tuned health assessments. dietary and lifestyle analysis, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation and energy healing.

About Ayuwave

Ayuwave is an Ayurvedic clinic based in Central London. It was founded by Thomas Mueller and Dr. Vijay Murthy. The clinic specialises in traditional Ayurvedic diagnosis and disease management, nutrition and mind-body medicine. It integrates modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing art of Ayurveda to provide the best possible client-centred wholistic health care system.

Contact details for Tomaz Mueller & Dr. Vijay Murthy:

w: www.ayuwave.com
e: info@ayuwave.com
t: 07423084930 (Tomaz Muller)
t: 07554005190 (Dr. Vijay Murthy)