All our retreat programmes are tailored individually for you, so whether your main aim is weight loss, detox, stress management or addressing underlying health issues, our massage treatments, personal development, yoga, meditation and dietary advice, is personalised to your unique Ayurvedic body type and specific imbalance.  As the only guest at our private retreat, you’re our sole focus, and receive ongoing advice and support after your stay with us.

Every retreat is different but the programmes detailed below give you a flavour of what to expect.  If you'd like to know more about what your very own private retreat might be like, please call Danny or Carol on 01283 815669.

One Day Wonder

A one-day retreat to recharge and revitalise your mind and body.  You'll receive a three-hour Abhyanga massage and relaxation therapy in the morning and three hours of yoga and meditation, or a personal development session, in the afternoon. The focus is on recharging and relaxation and the day will be tailored to your particular needs at the time of your visit. This is a favourite for people who want to try out our retreat, and for clients in need of a booster between longer stays.  If you want an introduction to Ayurveda and to the work we do, this is the perfect choice for you.
Price: £ 400

Three day Reviver

This three-day retreat will revive your mind, purify your body and inspire your soul. You'll experience three days of pure relaxation and revitalisation with a three-hour Ayurvedic massage and relaxation each morning, and a three hour yoga and meditation, or personal development, session each afternoon.  This is the perfect choice if you want a shorter stay to calm your mind and boost your energy levels.
Price: £ 1,400 (3 days)

Rejuvenation Retreat

This five-day retreat is ideal for recharging your batteries, relaxing your mind and gently purifying your body, with a combination of Ayurvedic massage, yoga, meditation and personal development. You’ll receive a three-hour Ayurvedic massage and Shirodhara therapy each morning and practice gentle yoga exercises and meditation each afternoon. You’ll also receive daily personal development consultations and Ayurvedic lifestyle advice to allow you to stay healthy and balanced on an on-going basis.  This is our second most popular retreat choice after the Ayurveda Detox.
Price: £ 2,400 (5 days)

Ayurveda Detox Retreat

On this seven-day Ayurvedic Detox programme you’ll receive a three-hour Ayurvedic massage and Shirodhara or Svedana therapy each day. This programme is an ideal introduction and preparation for the more intensive Panchakarma (full detox) programme, but is also a suitable option if you simply wish to rest, relax, lose weight, de-stress and address your underlying health issues in greater depth.  This programme also includes daily personal lifestyle and health coaching with Danny or Carol, along with optional yoga and meditation.  This is our most popular retreat choice, with many clients booking from year to year.   
Price: £ 3,400 (7 days)

Panchakarma Detox Retreat

This ten to fourteen-day Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox Retreat is more intensive than the Ayurveda Detox Retreat. You’ll receive the daily Ayurvedic massage treatments along with a specialised Ayurvedic juice fast diet supplemented by gentle purification treatments called bastis. Scientific studies have shown that this programme can reduce biological ageing by up to five years.  This programme is recommended for those who are serious about tackling deep-rooted health issues and for those that are serious about losing weight – if you need to lose it you will, and if you don’t, you won’t lose too much.
Price: £ 4,800 (10 days)

The Ultimate Panchakarma Detox Retreat

This programme follows the Panchakarma Detox Retreat but has the added luxury and indulgence of a three-hour Ayurvedic therapy session each morning and afternoon. These extra therapies help deepen the power and effectiveness of the Panchakarma Detox Programme, so that more is achieved in the same time-frame.
Price: £ 6,400 (10 days)

If you have any questions about any of our programmes or want to know how they might work for you, please contact Danny on 01283 815669

Ayurveda Home Detox programme

If you cannot take time out, or prefer to be treated in the privacy of your own home, we also offer a select number of clients an exclusive Home Visit Service to receive our Ayurveda Retreat Programmes in your home environment. This service is available throughout Europe and the US. Please follow this link for further information about our Ayurvedic Home Visit Service:  HOME VISITS & HOME VISIT BROCHURE

All courses include:
Synchronised four-handed massages
Personal development & life-coaching
Understanding your unique Ayurvedic body-type
Stress management & relaxation techniques
Meditation, pranayama & yoga
Organic meals prepared from home-grown produce
Health, dietary and nutritional advice