Your private retreat will be individually-tailored to your own unique personal goals, needs and desires. A typical day is detailed below but in general your days will be structured around our relaxing massage therapies, personal development and health education but you'll also have a little time to explore the local area with its craft and antique shops, walk down to the River Dove or visit the famous Tutbury castle. As you’ll be our only guest you’re guaranteed our undivided attention at all times. 

7 - 8 am
We recommend that you start your day with an hour of yoga, pranayama and meditation – instruction can be given to those who are not familiar with any of these practices or who would like extra tuition.
8 - 9 am
A light breakfast of freshly-squeezed, organic vegetable juice – this starts off the day for all our clients, not just those on juice fasts.
9 - 12 noon
The main therapy session of the day – a blissful massage selected that day depending on how you feel, how you are doing and what your overall goal is, with two Ayurvedic therapists massaging your bodyin total synchronisation with warm herbal oils. This is followed by either Svedana, a herbal steam treatment, or Shirodhara, warm herbal oil poured rhythmically over the forehead.
12 - 1 pm
Rest and relaxation with gentle Indian flute music (if desired), and a cup of ginger or herb tea.
1 -2 pm
A light lunch of rice or buckwheat, vegetables and lentil dhal, or an organic vegetable soup.
2 - 3 pm
A chance to explore the craft and antique shops in the local village, relax in the garden or take a walk by the river.
3 - 5 pm
Personal development and counselling or Ayurvedic education – topics include diet, lifestyle and exercise or your personal issues. The luxury of having additional Ayurvedic therapy sessions at this time is also an option – see ‘Ultimate Panchakarma Detox’ option on the programme and tariff page, or enquire about prices for extra sessions during shorter stays.
5 - 6 pm
If you feel in the mood, we recommend concluding your day with an hour of gentle yoga, pranayama and meditation – these sessions can be lead by Danny or Carol if you prefer their guidance.
6 - 7 pm
Light supper of rice, lentil and vegetable soup.
7 - 10 pm
A chance to relax, read, watch DVDs or listen to self-improvement tapes.
10 pm
The ideal time to retire to bed for a blissful night’s sleep.