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Ayurveda UK Massage Training Course

Next course dates:
We are pleased to announce that our next Ayurvedic Massage Training Course will be held from Tue 10th February to Sat 14th February 2015

Ayurveda Massage Training Academy, Tutbury, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK

Massage training course length:
Five days (6 hrs massage training per day)

Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage. This course is accredited with the Complementary Medical Association (C.M.A) and has been awarded 30 C.P.D points. No prior experience in massage is required to participate.

Cost of training course:
The cost of this five-day Ayurveda massage course cost is £650 (incl. vat). Full payment is required to book your place. Lunch is provided and a one-hour Ayurveda Massage Training DVD and a 60 page Ayurveda Massage Training Manual is included in the course price.

Ayurvedic massage training (Abhyanga):
The main focus of this Ayurveda massage training course is to allow you to gain proficiency in administering a whole-body Ayurvedic oil massage appropriate to the Ayurvedic body-type of your client. You will learn the basics of administering a one-therapist massage as well as a two-therapist massage.

Ayurvedic massage training (Hasta/Pada Abhyanga):
You will be taught the Ayurveda massage sequence for the hands and feet (Hasta/Pada-abhyanga) and how to incorporate them into a full Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage. These therapies can also be administered alone or in conjunction with the Ayurvedic head massage (Shiro-abhyanga).

Ayurvedic massage training (Shiro Abhyanga):
Ayurvedic head massage is also referred to as Shiro-abhyanga and can be administered alone or in conjunction with the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage or before Shirodhara therapy.

Ayurvedic massage training (theory):
You will be required to read our Ayurveda book (Everyday Ayurveda – A Practical Guide to Healthy Living) which can be downloaded from the links page. This will allow you to acquire a basic understanding of the Ayurvedic body-types and why each requires a different type of Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurveda massage course structure:
You will practice the Ayurvedic massage sequence on each other. Please bear in mind that Ayurvedic massage is a ‘full-body’ oil massage so the breast area will be exposed at times. Groups will be interchanged to allow you to gain experience in massaging different Ayurvedic body-types.

Course numbers:
The massage course will be limited to 12 people to ensure quality of training and speed of learning.

Course aim:
To train you to a professionally competent level in the art of Himalayan Ayurvedic massage techniques and prepare you for working in salons, spas or Ayurvedic therapy centres as Ayurvedic massage technicians.

Next step:
At the Ayurveda UK Massage Training Academy we’ll help you give your clients the perfect relaxation experience – the next step is yours – call us now for more information or to book your course.